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How to Create your Ideal Wedding Guest List

Have you been fantasizing of your big day since you were little? Mom and dad are there in the crowd, some family, but are all the other faces blurry?   

You can plan the perfect party, but being selective on your guest list can completely transform the trajectory of your special day. 

It’s critical to get this part right. No pressure. To help, we’ve created the ultimate guide in creating your guest list. 

Identify the Non-Negotiable Guests 

Begin narrowing down the guest list by sitting down with your partner and identifying the guests who absolutely must be there. This goes for essential family members and best friends.  

That distant uncle you only see every two years probably won’t make this non-negotiable list.  

This is the first round so be selective and don’t be afraid to push people to the second or third round of considerations.  

Once you have that core list of guests, you should conduct a draft of the remaining possible choices. Rank how important it is for you and your partner to have these people attend.  

Identifying core guest list at a rosen wedding

Decide Whether to Include Work Friends 

We often spend most of our time with our coworkers so you may feel compelled to invite them as well.  

However, do not feel pressured to invite every single person you work with. A select few favorites from both sides should be enough.  

To ease the blow, consider creating a small letter expressing how grateful you are for their relationship; however, you’ve decided to move forward with only a handful of invites for colleagues. They’ll be sure to understand. Plus, your budget will thank you.  

Be Confident in Excluding Some 

Just like with coworkers, there may be some acquaintances who may not make the cut. If there was ever a time to be extremely picky, it’s now.  

While this part may make you feel a bit guiltier, most people will understand. Consider creating a similar note as the one for your coworkers. Keep it short and sweet and thank them for their support, but as a new couple, you’re prioritizing creating healthy savings for all of life’s new curveballs ahead.  

These are common discussions that most couples will have to partake in when crafting the ideal guest list. Leave the guilt out of the conversation.  

Every Head Counts 

Budgeting can be difficult all on its own. There is no need to add to that stress with every additional guest you want to invite.  

Once you’ve done your first and second round picks, the third round should be merciless.  

A good question to consider at this stage is whether your day will be the same with them in attendance. If the answer is yes, highly consider sending a similar “thank you” note. However, if the answer is no, your day will not be the same, send that golden ticket invite.  

It’s a numbers game at this point and you should only consider guests who will significantly impact your day.  

Curating head count for guest list at a rosen wedding

Dream of the Perfect Wedding at Rosen 

Now that you’ve perfected your guest list, and are confident in it, start looking for a venue that can comfortably host the party.  

The great thing about a Rosen wedding is that most of our venue sizes are customizable. You can choose the right size for your guest list with the help of our specialized wedding staff.  

Let us help you celebrate your big day the way you always dreamed of.  

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