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Bride in Wedding Dress for Photoshoot Outside Hotel

Spring 2024 Wedding Trends to Bookmark  

As the allure of spring beckons, so does the promise of new beginnings – making it the perfect season for weddings.  

Bride Sitting Down Posing with Flowers

Whether you’re planning your nuptials or simply love to stay in the know about the latest wedding trends, here is what’s hot this spring. (Bookmark this page for future wedding inspo.)  

Pops of Color  

The color palette for spring weddings in 2024 is nothing short of a fairytale.  

Sage green continues its reign as the go-to hue, lending weddings an ethereal and timeless quality. Picture lush bouquets, delicate table settings, and bridesmaids donning sage green dresses – a beautiful nod to nature.  

Dusty pink and dessert rose add a touch of romance, while the bold and the brave can opt for vibrant pops of color like electric yellow and cobalt blue.  

Imagine the stunning contrast against the backdrop of the lush grounds at most Rosen wedding venues, creating a visual masterpiece that blends seamlessly with the hotel’s natural beauty.  

Creative Reception Ideas

2024 brings forth a wave of creativity in wedding receptions, transforming them into immersive experiences. Say goodbye to traditional spreads and welcome in the era of playful appetizers. 

Picture a mashed potato cocktail bar, where guests can customize their spuds with an array of delectable toppings. This interactive experience not only satisfies taste buds but also adds an element of fun.  

Mashed Potato Cocktail

Kick your party into high gear with Disco balls suspended from elegant chandeliers. This touch of retro glamour sets the stage for a night of dancing beneath the stars. (Before hanging decorations off of a chandelier, consult with a coordinator if it’s safe.) 

Another sweet trend are to-go desserts. Miniature pies, cupcakes, or even personalized jars of honey make for delightful parting gifts Leave guests with a sweet memory of your special day.  

As you plan your reception at a Rosen wedding venue, these creative ideas can be seamlessly incorporated into the hotel’s versatile event spaces, enhancing the overall experience for you and your guests.  

Ceremony Friday, Party Saturday 

Vogue Magazine notes that 2024 sees a shift in the traditional wedding timeline, with couples opting for a Friday ceremony followed by a Saturday soirée.  

This allows for a more relaxed and extended celebration, giving couples the opportunity to savor every moment with their loved ones.  

Rosen Centre Evening

Imagine exchanging vows amidst the gardens of Rosen Shingle Creek on a tranquil Friday afternoon, followed by a lively and joyful celebration under the stars on Saturday on the Osceola Terrace.  

Non-Formal Menus 

In the spirit of personalization, non-formal menus take center stage in 2024. Couples are opting for culinary experiences that reflect their unique tastes and heritage.  

Incorporate a beloved family recipe into the menu to share a piece of your history with your guests. 

Rosen’s culinary teams are renowned for their exceptional culinary offerings. This trend aligns seamlessly with the hotel’s commitment to providing a personalized and unforgettable dining experience.  

Rosen Wedding Venues for Your Trendy Spring Wedding  

From enchanting color palettes to creative receptions and an extended weekend celebration, couples are embracing a new era of weddings. 

As you embark on this magical journey, consider a Rosen venue as the canvas for your dreams, where trends and excellent service come to life in a harmonious dance of love. 

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