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Wedding Planning & What to Expect During Your First Year

The question has been popped, and the excitement of being engaged has leveled up to intense as you enter the world of wedding planning.

A notebook for wedding planning.

With so much to consider, organize, and coordinate, we’ve taken our years of wedding planning to write down what needs your focus right now.

Let’s make sure all your loose ends are tied up so that you can tie the knot stress-free.

Set a Realistic Budget When Wedding Planning

While this is a big life event worth immortalizing, make sure you’re being realistic with a budget both you and your partner feel comfortable setting.

Consider the size, location, and level of extravagance you want. Talk through the different sections that make up a wedding. There might be areas you’re both willing to splurge on whereas other areas might not be too important.

This can mean a hotel wedding venue with included catering and entertainment but homemade floral arrangements and DIY invitations/favors.

Finding the perfect balance can do wonders for your budget.

A calculator for budgeting wedding planning.

It is also important to factor in the costs of a honeymoon, especially if that’s important to you and your partner.

Heed the warning that budgets are almost never kept exactly; consider adding a cushion to your budget for surprise costs and unexpected fees.

Draft a Guest List

Aside from the person meeting you at the altar, you’ll want to share this moment with the most important people in your life.

Draft a list of the absolute most important people who need to be there. These will be your core guests.

Then, branch out and create a second round of guests that will add value to you and your partner’s big day. These will be friends, some co-workers, distant family, and consider who you’ll want to give a “+1” to.

Keep in mind that each guest will need a place to sit and will want to eat. Venue and catering costs might force you to adjust your guest list based on your budget.

Discover our in-depth guide to your ideal guest list to assist you in wedding planning.

Select a Date

A calendar for wedding planning.

Time to get out the calendars and decide on a date with your partner. Consider typical weather patterns that occur at different times of the year.

For example, an Orlando outdoor wedding should be cautious of summer storms that will often roll over midday.

It is also important to consider major holidays that could affect your guests’ availability. A December wedding may not be the best idea both for financial and availability reasons.

Another important thing to note for your wedding day and wedding pictures is Daylight Saving Time. A spring wedding could mean more time with the sun, resulting in naturally lit pictures.

Have a couple of dates in mind when wedding planning. Availability with the vendor and caterer may fluctuate as well.

Choose a Venue & Caterer

After deciding on a head count and date, the next step in your wedding planning is finding the perfect venue to host your celebration of love.

Begin by identifying your must-haves for a venue. Do you want an all-inclusive venue? A venue that also offers catering? A venue that offers indoor/outdoor portions for the ceremony and reception?

For ultimate convenience for both you and your guests, consider a hotel venue. That way, guests can book rooms there and not have to stress about driving or choosing a place far away.

A hotel wedding venue can also erase the worry about catering, entertainment, florists, decorations, etc., as they usually work with trusted vendors who have a history of providing excellence.

With the room to host a big or small wedding with almost everything included, you may find the cost per person is cheaper at a hotel than at a stand-alone venue.

Happily Ever After with a Rosen Wedding

The most important tip to help you on your wedding planning journey is to enjoy the ride! When you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place.

Celebrating the union of two people who want to dedicate their lives to loving each other is an extremely special moment.

Rosen Weddings brings all the excitement, care, and consideration you need, with none of the stress.

Let us help create your fairytale wedding today!

We Bring Your Dream Day to Life.

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